Jared Weiss
President and CEO

Jared Weiss has been a Las Vegas resident for 25 years. Jared was born and raised in New York. At 19, he moved to Las Vegas and soon earned a Bachelor of the Arts degree from UNLV; a school that he proudly supports to this day. Jared always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and saw potential in the valley’s growing real estate market. He bought his first home at age 24. Once learning the nuances of finance, Jared became a loan officer and a year later owned his own mortgage company. Jared’s intuition sets him apart from others in his field. In the years following, Jared became a real-estate agent and opened his first real-estate brokerage shortly after; becoming Motion Properties. He continuously seeks to create and develop new business opportunities with a relentless spirit.

Jared’s vast understanding of the Las Vegas market has been accrued by becoming a student of the trends and learning each step of the way. Weiss began purchasing homes, some rentals- some for rehab and resale-and by 2004 he owned, rented, or resold approximately 40 homes. Jared’s vision for what is to come is unmatched. Sensing the market was faltering, Jared redirected his energy into land investments, putting together syndicates with investors totaling over $10 million. From 2008-current his company purchased and sold over 3,000 homes reflecting in sales in excess of $400 million.

Jared’s desire is, as it always has been, to start new businesses with fresh ideas and help make them profitable. The variety of businesses he owns include Motion Properties, Quick Set Funding, Colt Medical and he is currently underway with his first restaurant opening in historic downtown Las Vegas in the new Freemont East District. Despite his busy business career, Jared makes time to be involved with the community and professional organizations here in town. Jared has been involved in a number of charitable endeavors including cancer research, autism awareness, brain research and countless others.

Jared and his wife Laura have 4 children. Part of Jared’s strong commitment to his community is due to his drive to making Las Vegas a strong, growing city for his kids to raise their families here. He stays dedicated to the children’s schools and sports and answers not only to dad, but to coach as well. He is proud to call the desert his home and will continue to invest his time and money into the growth of Las Vegas-you can bet on that.